Opioids, including prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl, kill someone in the United States every 11 minutes - and at least 5 people every day in Florida alone. The odds of dying by accidental opioid overdose are now greater than dying in a car crash.

This is the story of how one community is challenging the statistics and fighting back against the opioid epidemic that is tearing through communities across the country.

These are the victims, the heroes on the front lines, and the dedicated community partners doing everything they can to reduce and eliminate the devastating effects of opioids across Orange County, Florida.

It Impacts Us All.


Opioid addiction can begin as easily as being prescribed painkillers for a toothache. That’s exactly what happened to Mike about 10 years ago before his opioid use evolved into a full-blown heroin addiction, robbing him of the life he had.


As someone who has worked in a recovery center and continues to struggle with opioid addiction himself, Kyle is well aware of the firsthand dangers of misusing prescription painkillers and how quickly opioid use can spiral out of control.

The Siegels

The Siegels are one of America’s wealthiest families, but they are not immune to the harmful effects of opioids. Their daughter Victoria died from a heroin overdose in 2015. Since then, David and Jackie Siegel have been instrumental in the nationwide push for first responders to carry the lifesaving drug naloxone.

Heroin Task Force

Orange County’s Heroin Task Force Implementation Committee was assembled in 2017 to combat the growing opioid problem in Orange County. Since its establishment, the Task Force, made up of local medical professionals, government officials, first responders and others, has provided those struggling with opioid addiction with resources for getting help and taking control of their lives.


Luis is a passionate addiction specialist who has helped many people seek help - and ultimately recover - from opioid addiction. He heads N.O.W., an organization that helps people addicted to opioids locate and enroll in the best recovery program for them. People like Luis are vital in the fight against opioid addiction by providing support to those struggling across Orange County and beyond.

Dr. Joshua Stephany

As the Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola counties since 2016, Dr. Joshua Stephany has been closer than most to the devastating impact of opioids in Central Florida.

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